About Us

We are a company encouraging and exhibiting a varied range of amazing handicraft products. We have handmade gift items that are extremely unique and beautiful. We started way back in 2012 and have been doing quite well ever since. We always try to incorporate things that are new and interesting so that our customers are happy with us.

We specialize in Rajasthani wooden handicrafts and get the best of the items for our customers. Carving an intricate piece out of wood is quite an uphill task and that is carried out exceptionally well in these handicrafts. This is attractive to art lovers not only in our country but also internationally. People from all over the world are fond of these intricate pieces.

We have a specially designed online handicraft store which allows buyers from all over the world to buy products and send it as a gift as well. Since there is so much demand for these handicrafts worldwide that is the reason why this provision has been made. We have made it easier for people who live outside India to buy Indian handicrafts online. This is going to boost up our ingenious workers and enhance the market for the locally made beautiful Indian handicrafts.

Since we are based in Jaipur, we live quite close to the local artisans who make these beautiful pieces. One of the best advantages of this is that we allow our customers to create and get their own customized designs and handicraft items for decorating their homes. We have our customized handicraft store which is especially for the buyers who reside out of the country. This initiative is especially for the Indians who miss their culture outside the country and would want to adorn their houses with intricate pieces that symbolize the rich cultural heritage of our country.

We try to keep up with the newest designs and maintain the suggestions of the customers while making goods for our store. Also, when customers order things to be done especially according to their request we try to provide them 100% satisfaction by sticking to how they wanted their designs.

We welcome one and all to have a look at our special handmade products to have an idea of the amount of hard work put by our local artists. We always encourage local handicrafts and will strive to uplift this in the world economy to make our local artisans famous.